Saturday, 8 September 2012

JANET attends the grand opening of Dylan's Candy Bar

JANET decided to attend the grand opening of the first Dylan's Candy Bar to open in LA. 

For those who don't know Dylan's Candy Bar is a "candy lifestyle brand" founded 11 years ago by Dylan Lauren (daughter of famous fashion designer Ralph Lauren), who is exceptionally svelte for a candy hawker. The company's mission is "to awaken the creative spirit and inner child in everyone" while "merging the worlds of art, fashion and pop culture with candy". The stores are inspired by Willy Wonkas Chocolate Factory 
Was JANET there helping out a friend or maybe just treating herself to some candy. All in moderation as JANET would say, and by the look of her body she's been doing just that, she's looking stunning In a lovely black dress. What more can you expect from the beauty Queen herself.

A video has now surfaced of JANET arriving, like a true diva to a crowd of screaming fans and paps, as seen below:

JANET returns for a third season to Blackglama

When Blackglama asked What Becomes A Legend Most? They were one month away from unveiling their newest campaign, comments were flooded with people asking for JANET for a third consecutive year. The signs were looking good, JANET was the first and only legend they have asked to return to the campaign for a second consecutive campaign, and she has bettered that; becoming again the first and only legend to do the luxury campaign for a third consecutive year.
This add has already been included in the September edition of W Magazine, in stores now. Blackglama also released a video advert for New York Fashion Week, with speculation already circulating on fan forums that the beat is the instrumental of JANET's single, are they right? Who knows only time will tell. But Janet has had something up her sleeves for some time now, getting back into the dance studio with Gil, and who can forget the Lets Do This tweets her and Gil did, new single possibly? Again only time will tell. Here's the video released by Blackglama, if anything the beat is infectious and 'Janet':

Obviously only JANET JACKSON comes to name when Blackglama ask 'What becomes a legend most?'

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Is something in the works for Janet?

Fresh off her wildly successful 2011 world tour, the Number One's: Up Close And Personal tour, fans are wondering what's up Janet's sleeve for 2012? 

Will the tour continue? According to the Associated Press, Janet turned down the X Factor on account of the continuation of the tour, but it's been 4 months since the last date, that's a long time for a break between legs. According to Anderson Cooper Janet is currently working on the production of a movie, which is plausible if you guys remember Janet signed the deal with Lionsgate to produce a movie, and is also the executive producer of the documentary on transgender people called 'Project T' which we assume is the same documentary 'Being T' which we heard rumours some time ago. So will we be seeing a whole new side of Janet's genius next? Her work behind the scenes in movies? 

What about the rumours on a new album? We've been hearing them since the beginning of the year. Has Janet  secretly been working on her 11th studio album? We have recently heard another rumour that Janet's 11th studio album is almost in completion. Could she really have recorded a whole album and no word come out on it? Well Janet always has been very secretive when it comes to her craft, and if you cast your minds back to 2009, Janet was working with Darkchild and Janet also tweeted in 2009 that she was writing for the new project, so maybe the songs she worked on in 2009 have been reworked and updated, or maybe its all completely new, who knows. One thing we know is as much as we love to see Janet acting, producing and on tour, we're craving new music! 

The signs are looking great though, in the past few months, Janet has been looking better and better, take a look at Janet in January on the Jay Leno Show: 

And now Anderson Cooper in February: 

Finally now NutriSystem has unveiled plans for Janet's new ad and she looks stunning! But don't just take our word for it: 

Here's a preview of Janet's newest NutriSystem advert, the ad will air Monday:

Now that IS what success looks like! Work it Miss Jackson!

Monday, 5 March 2012

Lets make Janet trending worldwide again!

Are you guys sick of Justin Beibers 'Beliebers' and Gaga's 'little monsters' and all the other pop kinderg√§rtners  always being up there in the worldwide trending topics? Janet fans recently came together and got 'We Love Janet Jackson' trending on twitter, and we thought it was a wonderful idea. So we got to thinking why don't us the JanFam, Janet's Rhythm Nation come together more often and make Janet trending worldwide more often? The last attempt with We Love Janet Jackson just goes to show that the Rhythm Nation is still going strong after 30 years!
Now we understand that Janet fans don't possess the same amount of free time that the young teens do, however we think that pending the success of this first attempt we should try and do something like this maybe once a month, just to keep Janet out there, the internet is a vital promotional tool these days.

The #Tag

Janet Jackson has been eligible for the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame since 2007, 25 years since her self titled debut album in 1982, and she is yet to be inducted, we think this is despicable. So we think the fans should come together and try to make #JanetRRHOF trending, in the hope that maybe she will be taken into more consideration by the panel, and will be given what is rightfully hers, a place in music history which she has indeed created.

The Tweets

As this has to do with helping towards hopefully helping Janet be inducted into the Hall of Fame, we would like you to tweet reasons why Janet should be in the hall of fame, and of course leave the #JanetRRHOF hashtag on the end of your tweets. Also we should try to retweet a few tweets many times as this will help to make the topic more likely to trend and faster. 

Date and times

We hoped to give you guys quite a bit of time in advance to do this, in the hope that the word can get around to the entire JanFam and so that we can use the entire fanbase to our advantage. The date will be Saturday March 10th at 19:00 (07:00pm) ET.
Just in case you are unaware what time it will be in your corner of the globe, here are a few of the times the tweets should begin around the world:

Los Angeles - 16:00 March 10th
Chicago - 18:00 March 10th
Sao Paulo - 21:00 March 10th 
London - 00:00 March 11th 
Paris - 01:00 March 11th
Moscow - 04:00 March 11th 
Hong Kong - 08:00 March 11th
Brisbane - 10:00 March 11th

If your city is not listed above, please use this site to find out when it will be taking place in your time zone:

If you haven't already, please follow us on twitter for updates  @JANETSBACK and please spread this article to Janet forums, Janet Facebook groups, videos and anywhere else you can this of. Strength in numbers, we can do it guys!!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Why JANET would make the perfect X Factor Judge

Well I'm sure you've heard the rumours by now, but just in case you haven't while on the Anderson show on Monday, he asked Janet about the rumour she would be joining the X Factor panel, and to say he left Janet tongue-tied  was an understatement. Take a look how it all went:

So is Janet going to be taking one of the empty seats on the judges table? Only time will tell. But wouldn't Janet make just the most amazing judge? Now she may not be the loudest of people but by God, Janet can hold her own, we know if Simon, and definitely LA Reid (with what went down with Discipline) stepped over the line Ms. Jackson's alter ego Damita Jo would come out, and as she said in the song 'Do me wrong I get in that a**'. 
Other than that Janet has had a career spanning over 30 years, and is one of the most successful entertainers of all time, this is what the contestants aspire to be doing in their career, now while they will likely not be rivalling Janet's legacy, she could seriously help mould the performers into what it takes to be on top of the industry like she has been for so long. 
Not to mention that Janet Jackson is pretty much the meaning of the 'X Factor'; she can sing, she can dance, she can act, and she can put on a show that will leave you pinching yourself asking if it was true. Yes there is no one quite like Janet and she would give the contestants lucky enough to be in her category something only she could, the voice and opinion of someone who has been pleasing crowds for over 30 years and has been in the limelight since the age of 7.

Finally we won't deny we would love to see Janet channel this:

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Did Madonna really shade Janet?

It seem the battle of the Queens is on, with every blog site posting about how Madonna shaded JANET when she said on Jay Leno "You don't have to show nipples to be interesting and it doesn't really make you cutting edge if you do right?". JANET even previously said she was excited about Madonna's halftime performance in an interview with Mario Lopez:

Now we all know Madonna has been on a rampage lately, but was this really shade? We're unsure as to Madonna's intentions, but we will say this; if Madonna did mean to shade JANET then she needs to sit down, because as much as we love Queen Madge, she has made a career out of shock value, and her book 'Sex' is far worse than anything QUEEN JANET ever did including the Superbowl. We were contemplating as to putting a few images from the book up on the blog, but quite frankly we see the book as distasteful and basically soft porn as opposed to art. 

JANET's choreographer and best friend Gil soon took to twitter to defend his friend, which we can all understand, he's sticking up for his girl just like the JANET fans were but did he go too far? He implied Madonna was a heroin addict. Now we're all for Gil going in on Madonna's claims but we thought that may have been a step too far, Madonna's weave was drooping on the floor after that comment! 

JANET herself is yet to comment and we doubt she will, JANET has always been known to have the more class out of the two, whilst both have pushed the envelope on sensuality in music, JANET always kept her pride. Now at this moment in time we agree with JANET's comment back in the janet. era when she said "All I know is what I do has class" Queen JANET will always have class sorry Queen Madge...

Now with all this shade Madonna has been putting out there to various people we hope she can back it up with an amazing Superbowl performance, that could possibly rival JANET's although we doubt it, JANET's superbowl halftime is still being talked about 8 years later, will MaDoNnA's? In the mean time lets watch JANET's spectacular halftime show:

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

What you can do when JANET returns to the charts

After an action packed year for JANET fans from the sell out Number Ones tour, to the release of True You, there was no denying it was a great time to be a JANET fan, and we loved every moment of it.

It's suspected that we may get a new studio album from JANET for the first time since her number one album Discipline back in 2008, and we're telling you, not only what we plan to do, but what the everyday fan like you and I can do to help ensure that JANET is where she belongs in her new era.

1. Promote your artist!!

Yes we're talking to the fans aswell as the record label, take to twitter, facebook, create a blog, or anything creative you can think of, make sure everyone knows what JANET has in store for us. The more times the better, make sure the anticipation builds for the queens return to the charts like never before. On twitter if the JANET fans plan to try make a hashtag trending worldwide we will keep you informed.

2. Buy everything!!

We must ensure JANET gets the sales she deserves, buy the album on the week of release, if you can buy the album more than once please do!! However make sure the album is bought in different transactions as bulk buying is not counted by most charts bodies. Buying the singles to contribute to the singles charting is important too, on iTunes, amazon etc. The single can be bought as many times as you like to our knowledge.

3. Watch the videos!!

JANET hasn't really used her VEVO account to promote her new singles, but in the current climax where most artists release their videos either on VEVO or their official youtube channel. So make sure you watch the video as many times as possible, just keep it open in another tab all the time if you like, as long as its playing it doesn't matter! Feel free to post this on your facebook and twitter too!

4. Tune in to all things JANET!!

Make sure you tune in to all the interviews performances and appearances JANET makes and support all things to do with JANET on the small screen. If you get the opportunity to be present at one of these appearances - jump at it, you won't be disappointed even if its just seeing an interview JANET is even more beautiful up close than she is in the pictures. We will be sure to put all of JANET's appearances on the blog to keep the readers informed.

5. Radio play!!

When the single is dropped, if you check this very blog we will post a list worldwide for literally hundreds of radio stations which you can help request the single. We all know radio hasn't been kind with JANET since the superbowl incident, but we're determined to get JANET's airplay up for this era, join us by bombarding the radio stations with requests for the Queen when the time comes, it may not have an effect, but it's really worth the try for JANET!!

If all JANET fans unite and partake in all the factors listed above the next era for JANET will most certainly be a success, as JANET recently said in her NurtiSystem ad; when the time comes - 'GET ON IT'!